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Andreas Carlos Freund

Founder & CEO

About Me

Andreas’s passion for civic engagement began with witnessing racial and economic inequality on the streets of San Francisco, his hometown. In part because his mother is an immigrant from Nicaragua, Andreas became involved in helping local communities, particularly Latinx communities. When studying in Berlin, Andreas witnessed the refugee crisis that was occurring and saw the desperation from young people who wanted to help but had no idea how to begin. Using his experience from working with nonprofits and startups in the transportation and edu-tech sectors, he founded DiveIn to empower would-be community champions to realize their potential to make an impact. In his spare time, Andreas can be found in the outdoors, volunteering, or playing the beautiful game.

Latest Posts

We're proud to announce that we're partnering with the amazing folks over at Sincerely, Hueman. Sincerely, Hueman is a podcast produced by Hueman Group Media and features stories of "kindness in action" through the lens of today’s most inspiring advocates, philanthropists, and change-makers. Tune in over the next month to hear some truly inspiring stories and our special co-branded segment, "Let's DiveIn."

Meet our Founder and CEO Andreas! His main goal is to make civic engagement more accessible to everyone and lower barriers of entry to make an impact. Hear more about his background and journey that inspired DiveIn!