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Chann Little

Marketing Manager

About Me

Chann is graduate from Elon University with a BA in Strategic Communications. He started his career as a content creator working with brands such as Hulu, Louis Vuitton, Complex and many more large companies. He spent some time as a manager for social media influencer Sydel Curry before launching his own consulting business, We Meet Daily. He works with companies to refine their brand and provide strategic social media plans to maximize their exposure. From small businesses to celebrities, Chann knows how to step in to make his clients voices heard. Chann joined the DiveIn team because he is passionate about helping local communities. He was raised in a family who helped the mental health community through therapeutic enrichment programs and saw first hand the impact that can be made. He aims to use social media as a tool to bring people together to make positive change in his community. In his spare time, you can find him doing photography, teaching a painting class, and helping people build their personal brands. He hopes to use the #DiveIn platform to bring communities of passionate people together who want to make a positive impact in the world.

Latest Posts

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