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Stephen Jennings

Community Strategist

About Me

Stephen is originally from Poughkeepsie, New York and attended Vassar College where he graduated with a degree in Economics. After graduating, Stephen moved to Newport Beach, California to work in asset management for PIMCO in the client management division. While volunteering at a local children’s hospital with PIMCO’s foundation, Stephen was inspired by the medical professionals’ dedication to improving the lives of their patients and serving a higher purpose. This experience led to the decision that healthcare was where he wanted to make an impact. Currently, in addition to working for DiveIn, Stephen is taking the prerequisite classes for medical school and plans on becoming a physician. In his free time, you can find Stephen exercising, reading, or playing golf with friends.

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Understanding how volunteering can benefit your community might be obvious, but seeing how volunteering can improve one's career can be a little harder to see. From my own experiences, here are 4 professional benefits worth considering:

Volunteering with coworkers is an amazing way to get involved in the community and improve your work experience. While the benefits of volunteering in your community are somewhat obvious, it may be harder to see why volunteering with your coworkers would be beneficial to company culture.