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Stories of Kindness: DiveIn Partners up with Sincerely, Hueman

We're proud to announce that we're partnering with the amazing folks over at Sincerely, Hueman. Sincerely, Hueman is a podcast produced by Hueman Group Media and features stories of "kindness in action" through the lens of today’s most inspiring advocates, philanthropists, and change-makers. Tune in over the next month to hear some truly inspiring stories and our special co-branded segment, "Let's DiveIn."

Sincerely, Hueman meets DiveIn

Just a little over a month ago, I got an email from Camille Laurente, CEO at Hueman Group Media, asking if we wanted to be a part of their podcast series, Sincerely, Hueman. The mission behind Sincerely Hueman, as Camille explained, is to share stories of kindness in action from the lens of some of today’s most inspiring advocates, philanthropists, change-makers and others who are making a positive impact in our communities. These are stories of hard-work, creativity, perseverance, but above all, generosity and a desire to make things better. 

What makes Sincerely, Hueman unique in my mind is their focus on not only the incredible stories behind community champions and why the causes they fight for are so important, but also about how we all can help. As a company that wants to break down barriers to local civic engagement, we were all for it. 

In a day and age where a negative headline or story is never farther than a click away, finding inspiration to get involved isn’t easy. Sincerely, Hueman combats this trend by sharing inspiring stories of what people are actually doing to make our world a better place. And, by doing so, they also help their listeners understand the potential they have to make a difference. 

The Partnership

Over the next month, programming will go on as usual for Sincerely, Hueman (meaning all episodes will be awesome) with the small addition of a segment we're calling "Let's DiveIn." The most recent segment included an interview with myself as well as Asha Curran, CEO at GivingTuesday. In subsequent "Let's DiveIn" segments, you'll hear from some of our amazing partners and friends as they share the stories behind their causes and why they're working with us.

Sincerely, Hueman Interviews Asha Curran, CEO of GivingTuesday

If you want to know how the biggest day of online giving came to be, you should absolutely check out this interview (you can listen below). Their journey is far from typical and super insightful into how we can scale movements for change. Here are my biggest takeaways: 

  1. Too often we look at nonprofits as stale, slow entities, and there's some truth to that, but there's a lot more creative talent in the nonprofit world than we often recognize. Of course, there should be more creativity in this space, but if I learned anything from how GivingTuesday originated, it's from taking risks, endlessly innovating, and, above all, working together. 
  2. Generosity and giving campaigns can go viral but there’s lots more to do. Asha Curran really emphasized that money is only one medium through which we can support causes we care about. Checks are great and super important, but Asha thinks we ALL have something to give. As the founder of a movement that raised over $400 million in 24 hours last GivingTuesday, that message carries extra weight.
  3. Generosity is powerful. The origins of GivingTuesday were nothing short of scrappy. From their first website being built pro-bono to early advocates putting in a lot of work to help spread the word without any guarantee of success, GivingTuesday is truly a result of generosity and hope. There’s no fuel like purpose. 

Thanks everyone and please don't forget to head over to Sincerely, Hueman to catch their latest episodes. We're really proud of this partnership and we hope you all love their work was much as we do.




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